Enjoy The Asian Taste by The Satay and Otah Supplier

Sate or satay in Malay and Indonesian spelling is chiefly a dish of southeast Asian of skewered, grilled, and seasoned meat served along with a sauce. The satay’s earliest preparations are believed to be originated mainly in Javanese cuisine, while in Indonesia have been spread almost anywhere there. This resulting it being mainly a national dish. In terms of otah, it is a fish cake being grilled made of a mixture of ground fish meat along with spices and tapioca starch. Which mainly it is served fresh traditionally, and the wrapping is done inside a banana leaf. Both satay and otah supplier are there internationally in Asian stores is selling them.


  • Besides the meat and the fish, all the other ingredients are chiefly local plants and hearts. One can pick them either from the herb garden or buy from the wet market.
  • It is best for making satay and otah along with the freshest possible ingredient, particularly in terms of meat and fish.


For refrigerating the cooked Satya and otah, it is a good idea if someone fails to finish them all in chiefly one sitting. A person can reheat them by flipping them in a pan for 3-5 minutes of low heat.


It can be concluded that both satay and otah are two of the dishes which are most famous chiefly in southeast Asia. They both are the first choice to be preferred by the locals. Its appearance as squashy and soft gives it a similar look to the brain.